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  1. Every Texas child should have access to an education that prepares them to become academically competitive in any post-secondary route they choose (e.g. college, trade school, military, workforce, etc).

  2. Parent empowerment assures that parents retain decision-making authority for their children's education and choose when, how and where the non-academic subjects will be introduced to their children. 

  3. Education is the building block to a prosperous and educated citizenry. Providing families a choice about where their children will learn is paramount and will promote excellence among all educational  institutions (both public and private). 

Jobs & The Economy

  1. Our country was built on the ability for small business ownership, forging pathways for enterprising citizens to succeed. These efforts should be supported by minimizing government regulations that can stifle their prosperity.

  2. Hard-working Texans are struggling to live within their means;  the state government should be required to do the same.

  3. Supporting a robust economy with a diverse offering of jobs will ensure Texans can leverage their talents and achieve the quality of life they are seeking for themselves, their families and their communities.

Border Security

  1. A secure southern border for Texas is essential to ensure the safety and security of our state and local communities.

  2. The trafficking of drugs across the southern border is affecting our communities, particularly the sale of fentanyl and the loss of life from this and other drugs. We must protect our children and communities from these illegal drugs.

  3. Women and children are victims of the human trafficking that occurs each day our southern border remains unsecure.


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